A Christian church of all ages sharing the Elements of Christian life; serving Greater East Lansing and MSU.

Together we are:
Loved by God. Liberated by Truth.
Listening in Surrender. Living on Mission.

Loved By God

Christianity is not a religion but a personal relationship with a God who loves you. You are loved by God and that changes everything.

Liberated by Truth

We are not liberated as individuals by charting our own course but by transforming to God’s will as revealed in the Bible.

Listening in Surrender

The causative factor of supernatural living is daily walking with the Holy Spirit in a posture of prayerful surrender. 

Living on Mission

As humble servant leaders we build relational bridges across cultures, humbly carry God's power and joyfully work to bring His Kingdom. 

Change the backyard.
Change the world. 

We have always said, "we want to be a multigenerational church within walking distance to [MSU's] campus."
Each year thousands of young, motivated leaders from over 130 + countries are formed here in our backyard. Tomorrow, these leaders will direct influential city centers, schools and organizations. Element is strategically positioned to pour the life of Jesus into a "river" that moves through East Lansing, MSU and touches every corner of culture, in every country of the world.

It takes all generations to reach the next one, and that is why we are committed to be a Church of all ages; loved by God, Liberated by Truth, Listening in surrender and Living on Mission in the special city we love: East Lansing, MI.