At Element Church we desire that everyone would hear from God daily through the Bible! SOAP gives us a shared method of engaging the Bible and applying what we read in a practical way. As a result we believe God will re-pattern how we think, transform our hearts, and help us become more like Jesus!

How we engage the Bible together:

  1. We read one chapter from the Bible daily 
  2. We read the same chapter from the Bible daily
  3. We talk with each other about how it is impacting us daily




SOAP Bible Reading Method

  • Scripture | Read a passage of scripture and write down a verse or two that jumps out to you.
  • Observation | What is the context and main observations that you note from this scripture? What did the original author intend to say to the original audience?
  • Application | How does it now apply to your every day life?
  • Prayer | Write a personal prayer based on your observation/application and talk to God.