Support Raised Staff

Scott & Ericka Hayes

Lead Pastors
Scott & Ericka Hayes serve Element Church as the Lead Pastors. 


Element has an opening for a full time administrator.


Youth Leader
Element has an opening for a support raised Youth (middle & high school) leader.


Element has an opening for a support raised MSU & Intern Director.

Commonly Asked Questions

Element Church | Support Raised Staff Program

The SRS staff I met works at a church. Why doesn't Element church just pay their salary?

Element Church is working in a major university campus missional context where sources of central funding are not sufficient to make the work of ministry possible. A traditional "pass-the-plate" model does not produce nearly enough funds to support the work of the ministers here, yet outreach to college students in today's culture is critical. The church relies on the generous gifts of the wider Body of Christ to make the ministry possible. The Apostle Paul relied much on the same thing as he moved from city to city starting new churches, and the Philippians and Corinthians sent financial support to sustain his work.

How are salaries determined for each staff member?

Element leadership works with potential staff members to establish a salary for their position. Element utilizes national wage data to set competitive salary (based on position) and submits a recommendation to the Element board of Trustees for approval. The salary scale is under the jurisdiction of the Element Church executive staff and is reviewed on an annual basis by the Element Board of Trustees.

Can I support a couple that is married and working together?

While we consider all married couples in "ministry together", some of our couples both work in ministry as paid staff at Element. Element couples who are both on staff are supported and raise funds as a family. You can give to the ministry fund that the family is responsible for.

Is it better to give a single larger gift or smaller recurring gifts?

Our SRS staff depend on the generosity of others to accomplish their mission - so all gifts are welcome! However, recurring gifts play the most critical role in helping staff raise and sustain their monthly support goal (which is their monthly budget for salary and ministry expenses). Special gifts (also known as "one time" gifts) are very welcome, but do not count to a missionary support goal. Recurring giving is the foundation of the SRS program and the way your generosity can make the largest impact.

If I use paper checks, whose name should be written on the check: the individual or Element Church?

Please make checks payable to "Element Church" not the individual. Element Church is a public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to Element are tax deductible. If you make checks to an individual they are not tax deductible and won't be accepted as part of the SRS program.

Does Element honor my preferences for contributions to be used for a specific staff (SRS) member?

Whenever possible Element will honor the preferences of our ministry partners regarding where they would like their contributions to be used (i.e. for a specific SRS staff member). If for some unforeseen reason Element is unable to honor the preference of a ministry partner's gift, Element retains the ability to direct the gift to another ministry with the same or similar goal. All contributions raised by Element Support Raised Staff are received with the understanding that Element retains discretion and control over the use of the donated funds.