Support Raised Staff

Ben Wells

Media & Creative
Ben is raising support to join the Element Church team full time as a Media & Creative Content staff member.


Element has an opening for a full time administrator.


Youth Leader
Element has an opening for a support raised Youth (middle & high school) leader.


Element has an opening for a support raised MSU & Intern Director.

Commonly Asked Questions

Element Church | Support Raised Staff Program

Why do staff members raise support ?

Element’s call to be “a church of all ages reaching college students on a university campus” has provided many incredible opportunities and some unique challenges. From the early days as a small church plant (full of young people), the ministry was sustained through members’ tithes and offerings. While this supplied the ministry’s most basic needs, advancement or growth always required additional finances. In the early days, the pastors raised the money for Element’s advancement through the circle of people they knew. As the size of the ministry increased, it was apparent that Element’s growth and advancement would require a more expansive funding strategy. While internal member’s tithes & offerings still sustain the ministry’s basic needs, the Support Raised Staff (SRS) program was birthed to effectively staff the ministry's expansion. Today, this approach to funding (SRS staff members responsible for raising funds) continues to be the most effective approach for ministry expansion in regards to staffing the unique ministry of Element Church.

How are salaries determined for each staff member?

Element works with each individual staff member to establish a salary plan for their position. Element executive staff utilizes national data to set fair and competitive salary ranges (based on position) and submits a recommendation, based on that criteria, to the Element board of Trustees. The plan is under the jurisdiction of the Element Church executive staff and is reviewed on an annual basis by the Element Board of Trustees.

When should I begin to send in contributions to Element?

All staff members must complete training and orientation before they begin raising support. All current Support Raised Staff are eligible for Element’s payroll once they have hit fundraising benchmarks. We encourage ministry partners to begin their giving to Element as soon as they are able. Element uses those contributions to help cover the salaries, ministry (business) expenses and benefits for our staff members.

How long am I expected to give to Element?

Although recurring monthly giving can be established and then stopped at anytime, we suggest an initial commitment of at least 12 months to give the giving/ministry partnerships time to develop. 

If I use paper checks, whose name should be written on the check?

Please make checks payable to "Element Church" because Element is a public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to Element are tax deductible. If you make checks to an individual they are not tax deductible and won't be accepted as part of the SRS program.

Does Element honor my preferences for my contributions to be used for the ministry of a staff member or another Element ministry?

We seek to honor the preferences of our ministry partners for where they would like their contributions to be used. All contributions raised by Element Support Raised Staff are received with the understanding that Element has discretion and control over the use of the donated funds. If for some reason we are not able to honor the preference of a ministry partner, we will direct the gift to another similar Element ministry with the same or similar goal of the original gift.