Our Partners

At Element Church, we strive to be as generous as possible.  We've had the privilege to partner with all of these ministries financially! 

City Life Lansing

Love the City
"Loving the City one life at a time."
Facilitated by City Life Church in Lansing, LTC aims to provide opportunities to serve their community through a variety of methods. 

Cullen & Sarah Menke

Blooming Abroad
"Making a difference in Hungary.  Serving God by serving his people and planting seeds of faith in Budapest and beyond."

Courtney Bytwerk

Chi - Alpha
A Campus ministry devoted to welcoming and valuing students, helping them find community, making disciples who make disciples... Creating future leaders and living out truth and grace according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Shari Montgomery

The House of Promise
House of Promise provides survivors of sex abuse and trafficking unconditional love and acceptance.

Debby Conroy

YFC - Juvenile Justice
YFC reaches young people, working together with the local church to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus who lead by their Godliness in lifestyle.

Matt & Sarah Keller

Next Level Relational Network
An online interactive community for lead pastors that focus on the health of the lead couple as well as strategies that impact the church's effectiveness.


House of Prayer East Lansing
We are putting his Glory on display through extravagant night and day worship and loving acts of kindness, compassion and justice.

Derek DiCesare

His House Christian Fellowship
"Our Mission  to evangelize every campus and disciple every Christian grows every year. Every life that is changed is a testimony to God's promise of Salvation."

Jason and Adina Helmholdt

TransWorld Radio
Reaching the world for Jesus Christ through mass media to produce lasting fruit.

Together with international partners, TWR provides relevant programming and discipleship.


Association of Related Churches
Launching, connecting, and equipping the local church.

"We exist to see a thriving church in every community, reaching people with the message of Jesus."


One Hope
"Together we can share the hope of the Gospel with the next generation. "

$1 shares the Gospel with 3 children


An education technology company that produces media to help people encounter the Bible like never before.


Causley helps businesses generate social media reviews and referrals by giving back. Every social media check-in supports a different charity each month.