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COVID 19 Front Line Workplace Meal Request Form


The mission is to ban together to offer support and meals to essential front line workers, to help our local restaurants stay in business and to provide a way for people in our community to help without leaving their homes. This opportunity serves as a positive light amid uncertainty, a place to connect, lift each other up and to bring hope.

The initiative is simple and effective. We collect donations (often $10-20) and then pool that money together to purchase meals from a local Greater Lansing Area restaurant that then delivers the meals to the front lines (e.g. local hospital, funeral homes and other essential workforces – people who are taking care of people). It might seem like just food, but it also sends such an important message to them that we are thinking of them, we are so grateful, and that we are all in this together!

The original FLAG group was created by a partnership of Chatham and Madison NJ families and we have based this initiative on their successful model. Essentially, we are families, tribes, churches and communities pulling together to help those on the front lines as well as benefit local restaurants. It’s a win-win.

Please share with your local friends and neighbors. There are already many FLAGs launching all over the country, so share the concept with your friends and family out of town, too!

To keep things simple, trackable and accountable, there is a single portal for donations to FLAG | LANSING. A secure donation takes less than 2 minutes to complete. All donations go 100% to local restaurants. Donations are channeled through Element Church in East Lansing: a federally recognized 501c3 non profit organization.

1.) Give Online :

(*The PCO giving platform doesn’t transmit or store credit cards and bank information; payments are securely processed through Stripe: a global leader in online payment platforms powering millions of businesses in 100+ countries)).

Thank you for making a difference with your donations!

Check the FLAG | LANSING fb page to see updates on money raised, businesses helped and meals served.

Another way to help is simply to SHARE: share FLAG | LANSING with your local friends and get them involved too. Share, Re-post, Like, Comment! We encourage you to use your time and talents to help spread positive actions and words!

Use #flaglansing #strongertogether

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