by helping students


Know God
Find Freedom
Discover Purpose
Change the World.

is how

  • MSU has 55,000+ students annually, cycling every 4-6 years.
  • MSU trains leaders who go out and influence in every sphere of culture:
    business, arts, media, entertainment, science, etc.
  • MSU is the most internationally influential university on the planet
    with 130+ nations represented.

the mvmnt strategy

Helping freshman become world-changers

We do

Missions Trip to MSU

The first step in this strategy is a Missions Trip to MSU that reaches freshman and connects them with spiritual community. We’ll be doing acts of radical love across campus and inviting freshman to fun events where they can make friends. These events culminate in a gospel-focused gathering where students can choose to follow Jesus and join a group for discipleship that meets in their dorm.

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Dorm Carpools

The next step in our strategy is a system of Dorm Carpools that will help freshmen who can’t have cars connect with the local church. Once there, they’ll form relationships with mature believers and deepen their faith as they attend with friends.

Student Leadership

The final step is to identify and empower more student leaders. We’ll help them get hands-on experience in outreach, discipleship and church leadership. Then, after four years of development, we’ll mobilize our graduating seniors out as world-changers, who serve God’s church in strategic ways, like partnering with new church plants or international missions teams.

imagine the impact

Over time, can you imagine the world-wide impact as young leaders are mobilized out to serve God’s church and change the world? Imagine if every leader was represented by a dot on a world map: what would that map look like in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?

Together, we can change the world as we partner with what God is doing on campus.

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