If you have a pulse, you have a purpose and we want you to discover it. We’ve created a 3 Week Group called EQUIP to help you step into deeper purpose and meaning. During this group, you’ll take 3 steps:

Step 1 | Culture Infusion – discover the story, vision and culture of Element Church and find your place in the story here.

Step 2 | Discover Purpose – learn about how God uniquely designed you and the gifts he’s given you through assessment and discussion.

Step 3 | Serve Sunday – shadow with a serve team of your choosing and get trained to make an impact using your gifts.

EQUIP happens the 2nd – 4th Sunday of every month and takes place after our Sunday Gatherings for about an hour.  During these times you’ll learn what it actually means to “discover purpose”, ways God has uniquely wired and gifted you and how you can join Team Element .

We provide refreshments (and childcare upon request). You can register by texting PURPOSE to 97000.

After you text in, you’ll receive a link to register for an online course called EQUIP Online which will give you access to the content and tools you’ll discover in EQUIP. Make sure to register! You can also register right now by clicking the button below.

Get access to EQUIP Online right now!