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Summer United: Unity

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Summer United: Unity

“God designed us to need ‘horizontal’ relationships with other human beings. That is why even in paradise, loneliness is a terrible thing.  We should therefore not be surprised to find that all the money, comforts, and pleasures in the world–our efforts to re-create a paradise for ourselves—are unable to fulfill us like love can.” – Tim Keller

Life is better when we live in unity: Joined together for a common purpose, or by common feelings.


#1.) We can’t really be happy by ourselves

Everyone wants to be happy, but we are confused on how to become happy. We have this idea that happiness will come when we get all of the things we want. We think creating our own personal paradise will bring us satisfaction. God teaches us that happiness comes from relationships and unity with others.

In Genesis, Adam was living alone in a God created personal paradise. He had a relationship with God, but he was walking the Earth alone. God saw it was not good for man to be alone. God knew the world could never fulfil Adam’s happiness like love could. So He created Eve to have relationship with Adam. Almost immediately, relational brokenness entered the world. However, the relational love between Adam and Eve was more fulfilling than the moments of brokenness.

Relationships are good even when it isn’t immediately pleasant. God created us to be in unity with each other. Joining together as one for a common purpose, or by common feelings.

What if your happiness wasn’t in creating a physical paradise around you, but creating relational unity with the broken people around you?

#2.) We can’t really be productive by ourselves

When we join together in relational unity with the broken people around us, we are able to reach our full calling. By yourself you can produce great “moments”, but in unity with others you can produce great “movements”. Unity is not uniformity, it’s diversity working together for the same purpose. Each person has a different purpose. When we come together in unity with our talents and gifts we are able to create something amazing. Unity isn’t only good and pleasant relationally, it is productive.

#3.) We can’t really know God by ourselves

In our diversity, we can see the way others relate to God. We get to see pieces and reflections of God in the people around us.

For every soul, seeing Him in her own way, communicates that unique vision to all the rest. – C.S. Lewis

The way we see God is unique. By sharing the way we see God with others, we allow them another glimpse of God. We add perspective and clarity. Without unity we can’t know God fully. Who are you walking with to better Know God?

#4.) We can’t really have unity without intentional decision

Coming together in unity is an intentional choice. We have to make the step to choose relationships with others. God created us to have relationship with Him and with one another. He doesn’t promise you won’t get hurt, but he does promise that happiness comes from being in relation with others. Two are better than one. When one stumbles the other is there to help pick them back up. When you add God to the equation it is hard to stumble.

What practical, intentional step do you need to take to get united with others?

Unity is pleasant, profitable, and brings us deeper into God’s Power & Presence – you can’t really know Jesus by Yourself.

Practical steps to get united with others:

  • start a conversation with someone new
  • build new relationships
  • rekindle old relationships
  • make plans to get together with friends once a week
  • invest in the people in your life