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Summer United: Perspective on Purpose

By June 14, 2017 No Comments

Summer United: Perspective on Purpose

At some point we’ve all asked ourselves “What is my purpose in life?” Pastor Scott gave us some biblical insight on this very topic this Sunday by first talking about the importance of focus.  Having the right focus is such a powerful tool to have at our disposal.

Take the sun for example, when we look in the sky we see this bright and powerful fireball that can hurt our eyes when we look at it for too long, make us sweat, and even give us nasty sun burns. Ouch! But with the proper tools we can harness that power to make a laser, a force so great that we can cut through rock. So what’s the point? Our perspective can drastically change how we perceive and eventually approach situations in our walk with Christ. This is especially true in terms of our purpose or calling.

As Pastor Scott so poetically put it, the rest of the Bible after Genesis is a rescue story of God’s children and we all have a part that God wants us to play. Like any good actor, there is preparation that needs to be made.  We need to understand the larger context of the scenes we are meant to be a part of and remove any confusion that can stop us from fulfilling the purpose God has for us.

So how do we do that? How can we gain insight on what part, scene, and role we have in God’s story?

Here are three things that when brought together can shed some clarity on our situations:


#1.) Our Affinity

An affinity for something can be defined as “A natural liking or sympathy for someone or something.” It’s something special God has instilled in you like no other. Still drawing a blank? From our greatest pains can come our greatest strengths and purpose. Try looking at the concrete needs of the people around you that really speak to your spirit. This approach certainly worked for Paul, where in Acts 17:16-17 we see Paul fired up by the plethora of idols in Athens that he began to minister out of his affinity right there in the marketplace.

#2.) Our Ability

A person’s abilities are known as “The possession of the means or skill to do something.” What is easy for you, that isn’t easy for everyone, that has eternal impact?

1 Corinthians 12:4-6 tells us there are many different gifts but they all come from the same place, God. Though they vary, all these gifts allow us to serve in ways that our father finds pleasing. This is why it is important to recognize our individuality and stop judging our gifts by the gifts of others.

As Albert Einstein once said “If you gauge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live it’s whole life thinking it is stupid.” Don’t judge your inability to do something others can do, but find what you are good at.

#3.) Our Opportunity

Now that we’ve identified what we are passionate about and how we can act it out on the Lord’s stage, there is only one thing left to do – get in motion! Henry Blackaby insists, “Now that we can see where God is working, we must join him there.” We must seek out our opportunities to do his good works and run through that door like your hair is on fire!

In Ecclesiastes 9:10 we see that God does not demand perfection, but the intention to do your best. So go forth and be bold in the purpose the Lord has called you to fulfill.  


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