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20 Ways to Treat Your Mom This Mother’s Day | #MyMomMatters

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20 Ways to Treat Your Mom This Mother’s Day | #MyMomMatters

Moms matter. We know it. They make a difference in changing the world, so let’s honor that responsibility together. From being our nurse, support system, best friend, and much more. Moms deserve a day to themselves. Today is the day to say thank you and let your mom know why she matters.


Here are 20 ways to treat your mom this Mother’s Day:

  1. Leave a sweet note in her car
  2. Pick her some flowers
  3. Clean the house
  4. Prepare her favorite dinner
  5. Clean her car
  6. Make her favorite dessert
  7. Host a family get-together
  8. Frame old family photos/special memories
  9. Go shopping together
  10. Plan a picnic
  11. Take her to a movie
  12. Write her a poem
  13. Make her a gift basket of her favorite items
  14. Write a thank you letter
  15. Plan a family game night
  16. Go on a coffee date
  17. Get your nails done together
  18. Make her a DIY recipe holder
  19. Make her a sign with a quote for her desk
  20. Take a painting or cooking class together


At Element, we asked some of our members why their moms matter.

“My mom matters because she selflessly sacrifices so much to care and love the family. She is a prayer warrior and is always pointing me back to trust in God.”
– Hannah Choi

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Why does your mom matter?

Use the hashtag #MyMomMatters and share what makes your mom so special!